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Words of CEO


Ms. Korea is
a specialized company that protects every family member’s skin and health.

Our main products consist of antibacterial oriental medicine soap, cosmetics, cleaner, and food supplements, which are highly relevant to health of people.

The effect of the products are verified through various experiments and clinical studies. Our company not only strives to upgrade product qualities, but also puts utmost efforts to minimize the cost of customers.
Among product line-ups, Ms. Complex Oriental Skincare Soap is proven effective in its antibacterial and skincare capacity, and was lauded in an international cosmetics fair held in Las Vegas.
Every member of the company is an expert with highest expertise and manages all process from production to sales.


Based on such achievement, in 2014, the company‘s CEO received an award for CEOs, at the One Who Contributed to Promoting Korea.

In conclusion, the company will continue be serve our clients with customer trust, vision for the world, and the love for clients.

Chairman/CEO Yunsa Kim