mizs | Business Philosophy/Vision
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Business Philosophy/Vision

Business Philosophy
Rigorous Quality Control, Eco-Friendly Product Development, Antibacterial Industry Leader
1. A company that only uses natural ingredients
2. A company that creates family health
3. A global company that reach out to the world with its technological prowess and its patent in selective antibacterial materials
4. An excellent company that has knowhow and database in 18 years of its history.
5. A no.1 dynamic company in the antibacterial industry that will serve as a foundation for virus-related future industry

Ms. Korea developed unique antibacterial materials by its continuous effort and in 2000 its quality was verified by the Department of Health and Human Services, the Red Cross, and pharmaceutical companies in Japan. The company has been exporting its products for 18 years, and it striving to win more customers’ hearts in all over the world such as Asia and Northern Europe by continuous investment in R&D.