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Mar. 2016 Signed a launch contract with Vietnam’s WOW Home Shopping.
Apr. 2016 Applied to SFDA for hygienic license on 3 types of Rock You Soap (code granted)
May 2016 Selected as a Global Export Competence Enhancement Business by SMBA.
Jun. 2016 Acquired a patent for cinnamon soap composition & juniper berry cosmetic composition.
Jul. 2016 Took over the Yeoju factory (1st factory: antibacterial sanitary pad, 2nd factory: soap, cosmetics)
Jul. 2016 Established Ms. Co., Ltd. as the R&D center of Ms. Korea Co., Ltd.
Jul. 2016 Established a business partnership with Gyeongu Welfare Cooperative.
09, Nov.2015 Public home shopping IM home shopping 11 a.m. first show
20, Oct.2015 Public home shopping IM home shopping product launching contract
15, Oct.2015 Samsung Noble County Yungamyeongga Store
07, Sep.2015 Lotte One TV sales contract
20, Aug.2015 EveryOnTV Weekly Home shopping sales contract
20, Jul.2015 Home shopping launching product Rockyou Lifting Pack & Rockyou Natural Soap
24, Jun.2015 CF model contract “Laon Cube Soyoung Ban”
15, Jun.2015 Euiwang Public health office anti-bacterial soap supply
10, Jun.2015 Yeoju City hall anti-bacterial soap supply
05, Jun.2015 Anyang City hall, Public health office anti-bacterial soap supply
04, Jan.2015 Capital Increase KRW 1.9 bil
2014.12.27 Korean who promoted Korea Award
27, Dec.2014 Moved headquarters (Manangu Anyangdong -> Dongangu Gwanyangdong Anyang Creative Industry Promotion Center #401)
18, Dec.2014 China Taobao mall B2B Tmall distribution/ Channel Outdoor Inc. Consignment Sales Contract
05, Dec.2014 Korea Daiso & Daiso online mall distribution
04, Jan.2014 SKINoble New product launching - Teenage acne solution
30, Oct.2013 China 大象联盟 Global Export Sales MOU signing
03, Feb.2013 延边三柱文化交流有限公司 $130,000 export (Additional $920,000 supply)
01, Sep.2012 延边三柱文化交流有限公司 MOU signing
20, Aug.2012 贵州韩龙旅游开发有限公司 MOU joint investment
13, Apr.2012 China 同仁堂 MOU signing
12, Feb.2012 Official Sponsor to Gunpo Love and Volunteering Community
02, Feb.2012 China 珲春 美姿 采拿 农工贸 有限公司 export
22, Jan.2012 Daejeon Dongsamo MOU signing
09, Dec.2011 Chungbuk Jincheon Factory land purchase contract 2300 pyeong (pending)
12, Aug.2011 Capital Increase KRW 700 mil.
23, Jun.2011 Domestic Distribution Department
08, may.2011 Signed an MOU in Vietnam
03, Nov.2010 Japan Fukuoka KAIYO TUSHO Corporation
03, Nov.2010 Japan MI NA MI CO.,LTD Export
06, Apr.2010 China Jilin Export
05, Dec.2009 Guatemala Export
10, Mar.2009 venture Company Authentication
Aug.2007 song-hak co.,LTD Five chromatic loess soap production deliveries
28, Aug.2007 2007 China Changchun-gilim Export
05, Jul.2007 Condition northern part Miz Exclusive sale founding and contract
17, Apr.2007 Japan Yokohama Happy World Export
17, Mar.2007 shinsegae department Delivery "RY Noblesse soap"
10, May.2006 The Internet formation shopping mall mouth point (G-Market, Auction, Inter-park, GS-estory, daum-onket, ddm, d&shop, BB-mall, nayayo, mizshoping, Ministry of National Defense yahoo japan)
08, Feb.2006 Japan(Tokyo etc) Pharmacy mouth point sale
18. May.2005 2005 TOKYO BIO EXPO Exhibition display.
30, May.2005 Before place of business (Gunpo->Anyang)
22. Jan.2005 Patent No. 0468196
10, May.2004 Jin-ok cosmetics external majority. OEM Production
20, Mar.2004 Lotte duty-free shop nationwide shop mouth point
27, Jan.2004 Patent No. 0417791
11, Jul.2003 Functional characteristic foodstuffs materials circulation sale execution
01, Apr.2003 MBC News support broadcasting which is glad
02, Jan.2003 Miz Exclusive sale founding
10, July.2002 Foodstuffs circulation(Materials) enterprising execution IBT CO.,LTD
07, Mar.2002 Wrinkle improvement "miz special wrinkle-care Functional characteristic cosmetics authentication (Korean foodstuffs medical supply Safty Administration)
06, Mar.2001 From Japanese red cross medical treatment center gynecology part atto blood clinical experiment confirmation
10, Feb.2001 Great Britain more E life company Europe market advance agreement
Dec.2000 Army Army, navy and air force contract and delivery (01.01.01~02.12.31)
28, Nov.2000 The Internet duty-free shop contract (Korea National Tourism Organization, Samyoungtech www.dutyfreekorea.com)
30, Oct.2000 Appearance of 3 kinds of miz functional cosmetics
14, Aug.2000 Patent application(2000-47075)
6, July.2000 Certification of importing test as 'Clean cosmetics' by Welfare Ministry(Sanitary part, pharmacy department), Japan,
28, Jun.2000 Delivery contract with HARASAWA, a manufacturer of medicines in Japan, export
23, May.2000 Delivery contract with KOHAP Co., Ltd.
31, Mar.2000 Registration of export in trade association
29, Feb.2000 Delivery contract with cooperative union small and medium enterprises
21, Feb.2000 Start of delivery the products to the navy welfare facility
31, Dec.1999 Contract with the store in the navy welfare facility
15, Dec.1999 Start of delivery the products to the army welfare facility
10, Oct.1999 Bidding for the products to the store in the army welfare facility
2, Aug.1999 Participation in the international cosmetics exhibition in Las Vegas, USA
1, July 1999 Production of complete Ms. Korea soap and its sales
8, Jun. 1999 Incorperate establishment of Ms. Korea Co., Ltd.
10, Oct. 1997 Establishment of Ms. Korea(Research start of antibiotics activation)