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Skincare Soap


Ms. Complex Oriental Medicine Soap

  • 1.Complex oriental medicine has multiple effects Check study results)
  • 2. All botanical ingredients and edible complex oriental medicine do not cause skin trouble
  • 3. Proven effective in killing skin trouble causing organisms (dermatophytes, acne)
  • 4. Rich and soft bubble is formed easily and effectively cleanses skin. Fresh and clean feeling continues after face wash.
  • 5. Easy to wash off bubbles and use less water
  • 6. Natural oriental medicine fragrance is used and deep aroma stays for a long time.
  • 7. Proven effective for sensitive skin like atopy (Japan Red Cross Medical Center’s clinical study)
  • 8. Skincare and skin disease prevention effect (Check study results)

Verification and Patent

Ms. Korea oriental medicine cosmetics received various verification and certificates.


Skincare Soap RY high-end (Korean)


Skincare Soap General (Korean)


Soap Test Result

Signature from Lee Hyoli

We received singer Lee Hyoli’s signature.