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Ms. Korea Oriental Medicine Cosmetics

Category Ms. Oriental Medicine Cosmetics
Ingredients Natural herb medicine
Development Background Oriental Philosophy and Oriental Medicinal Principle
Effect Verification Verified (Ingredients and product effect)
Patent No. 0417791, No. 0468196
Effect Skin trouble causing bacteria control (acne, dermatophytes, candida vaginitis)
Selective antibacterial effect (protects lactobacillus)
Skin cell function facilitation
Metabolism facilitation
Complex nutrition provision
Stronger protection
UV ray screening
Pigmentation prevention
Aging prevention

For those who use Ms. Oriental medicine cosmetics  for the first time

For those who are using other products (chemical/ mineral), please move on to Ms. Oriental medicine cosmetics products gradually.
Category Morning Evening
First week Use used products Use used products
Second week Use Jasengcho every other day while using used products Use only Ms. Oriental medicine cosmetics
Third week and after Use only Jasengcho Use only Ms. Oriental medicine cosmetics

Verification and Patent

Ms. Korea oriental medicine cosmetics received various verification and certificates.

Trademark Patent Certification


Multicream Test Result


Japan Ministry of Health and Human Services Clean Cosmetics Verification