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Ms. Korea is recruiting the talented all year round. Please don’t hesitate.



Area Job Description Working Location
Sales Team Domestic Sales Team Voluntary Application Seoul/Anyang
Overseas Sales Team - China/Japan
Product Development Team Affiliated Research Center Researcher Anyang

How to Apply

1st round: Document (any format)

  • 1 Resume (wanted position or annul salaries)
  • 1 Cover letter (Those with experience should give detailed explanation about previous jobs and work experience)

2nd round: Interview

  • Those who passed the 1st class will receive a notice

Application Date and Place

Date: Within 10 days of notification

  • Recruitment on demand for sales and research
  • Job will open when a position is vacated for other areas (Webpage Notice)


  • Email application: min9999min@naver.com
  • When applying on email, applicant name and desired team(new/experienced) must be included
  • e.g.) Gildong Hong, Finance and Planning Team (or New) is applying.